There Is Thunder In Our He(art)s


A weekend of heart opening and nourishment in two parts with visiting Canadian artist, writer and dreamer Bryonie Wise!


The art of storytelling is a place we’ve all found solace in. Stories create a place for us to come home to—when woven just so, the words become the medicine for our remembering.

They reach into our hearts, stretch our imagination, remind us that magic does in fact exist—and often, in the spilling open, they build a bridge between our aloneness and the wisdom that we are never truly alone.

In this intimate evening, we’ll gather together, stretch out and soften into the sacred art of storytelling as Bryonie weaves a sound tapestry full of poetical musings she inherits from the ancients.


There is a sacred geometry built into the alchemy of movement and breath which allows for an opening into truly hearing the thunder we carry in our he(art)s.

It’s our remembering, this space we cultivate access to, the more we move, breathe, and create … so let’s do it together?

In this daylong retreat, we will restore and replenish our creative currency, reactivating trust in intuition and unlocking the ability to translate holy heart sounds into art … all in the most adventuresome way.

Our day will start with an opening practice (a mix of stillness and slow-flow, vinyasa based movement), stitched together by the planting of inspirational seedlings—and we’ll end in much the same way, with us returning full circle to Help Your Self at the end of the day for a closing, integrative practice.

Sandwiched in between, we’ll take our meditative movement and vibrating hearts into the streets, imagination in hand, and spend a good chunk of the day creating and making art on a top secret, city adventure route.

Things to Bring on Sunday:
• Lunch money or a bag lunch
• Metrocard / Subway fare
• If it’s just not yoga without your own mat, bring it along (you can leave it at Help Your Self while we adventure)
• Any creative tools you think you’ll need-want-crave throughout the day … but definitely arm yourself with: a camera or camera phone, notebook or journal and something to write with
• We’ll build an altar in honor of the creative spirit, so bring any special items you’d like to supercharge (and know that they’ll go home with you at the end of our adventure)
• Please wear your most comfortable, walking shoes because we’ll be on our feet a lot
• A refillable water bottle
• An open heart and a willingness to step into the wild unknown


Bryonie Wise is an artist, heart alchemist and moon lover.

Her life is rooted in the belief that when we come from a place of love, anything is possible and her own practice of living has taught her how essential movement, breath and creative expression are for our ability to heal our tender hearts (not to mention the world around us and the very Earth on which we stand).

She speaks fluent Lion and her teachings are poetically-infused with all sorts of medicine sprinkled down from the moon and stars above.

Bryonie has a background in photography, fine art book publishing, hours upon hours of heart-work with shamans and mystics (and a hand full of pretty spectacular yoga teachers), as well as a ferocious appetite for words—and she was once a New Yorker, a few lifetimes ago.

When not teaching yoga or creating her hearts to the bone, you can find her adventuring into the wild with her camera and her dog, Winston, living her yoga.


Friday, October 21, 7-9pm
Sunday, October 23, 9:30am-6:30pm

Both $155 (save $10!)

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