One of the most important components of being well is getting the support you need. Healing with Catherine Foley is a commitment to yourself, and a powerful act that can initiate a tidal change. Catherine is honored to be a part of your process, and can offer the level of support that’s just right for you. Below you will find all the details on her range of offerings, her expertise and more.

Cosmic healing is the healing we do in the unseen and subtle realms of our being and consciousness. This is where we access our true nature so we can transmute anything not in alignment with our deepest integrity. This is the place where our body and spirit unfold into timelessness—to that eternal space where we know ourselves truly, where we surrender, where we love.

Earth healing is the healing we do to align our bodies with the natural rhythm, intelligence and vitality of the Earth. This is rediscovering our partnership with plants, trees and landscapes, which is our birthright. This is the place we remember that we are the Earth, we are nature—and we are always home.

Catherine’s sacred services are the way we honor and behold deep passages of transformation in our lives—the thresholds that resound powerfully through us, from the Earth to the Cosmos, and change us forever. The births and the deaths, the dark nights of the soul and the miracles—these are the moments when we see and understand ourselves beyond time and space; when we experience the infinitude of our love, and our power to endure, to overcome, to prevail—and to transcend.

Catherine Foley is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Reiki Master Teacher, Plant Spirit Healing practitioner, intuitive empath and earth-based spiritual healer. She also is a trained herbalist and aromatherapist—in her apothecary, she formulates high vibrational plant remedies for healing, including flower essences, botanical mists and anointing oils.

An in-depth look at the history and context of the modalities offered.

Catherine offers her healing services at Union Square in downtown Manhattan, and in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She is available for Reiki at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York. If you live outside of New York, she provides remote sessions for most of her offerings.

Catherine provides discounted packages for several of her offerings. She may be able to create a custom package for you based on your needs, so please inquire.

Catherine can bring her expertise and offerings to a range of settings, including private parties and celebrations, launches and openings, classes, workshops and retreats, and private training for teams, friends and families.