What is Wellness?

Wellness is quite an ordinary thing. It doesn’t have to be relegated to a once-a-year retreat, a total esoteric, guru-centric lifestyle, a hardcore detox, that diet you’re going to go on, or that thing you’re going to quit. Wellness is everyday. It’s exactly where you are right now. You sense and feel the world around you, and know instinctively what you need. Most of it is just a matter of remembering. Wellness is the way we bring ourselves back. Wellness is keeping our hearts open and our bodies alive, no matter what winds and waves knock us down. It’s not giving in to fear, and it’s staying open to trust. It’s the small touches—the gentleness we allow ourselves when we are just being. How do you just be in this world, exactly as you are? How do you tend to yourself? How do you honor the truest impulses of your heart? Help Your Self holds that space for you—to remind you that a little forgiveness, acceptance and humor go a long way. Because who you are right now is kind of like the weather. It’s just what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. You are already whole. You are already free.

The Vision

Catherine Foley had a vision of Help Your Self during an acupuncture session in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2014. She saw that she would open a “general store for the spirit,” and she received the name right then and there. From that moment, she made the changes in her life to allow the business to come to life.


Help Your Self – originally a holistic wellness store and healing center on Java Street in Greenpoint –  is now the showcase for Catherine’s healing practice, teaching, events, writing, consulting, and product formulation. Help Your Self is a heart-centered business guided by intention, intuition and compassion. Catherine surrenders to the currents of the elements and cosmic forces to alchemize special offerings of light and love for the collective, directly from the heart of the universe.


Catherine is especially passionate about creating strategic alliances, partnerships and collaborations to advocate and elevate nutritional, botanical and spiritual healing, personal care and well-being.


Catherine believes we can forge new global health paradigms through conscious leadership, intergenerational healing and environmental stewardship.