Flower Essence Consult

From: $150.00

Flower essences are energetic remedies that support our emotional, mental and spiritual healing and balance. Anything that gets stuck on these levels can eventually manifest as a physical ailment, which is why Catherine considers flower essences to be some of the most effective and lasting tools for well-being.

Flower essences bring healing information to your whole being, and support you in making the subtle shifts necessary to heal the past and release unhealthy patterns, so that you may walk in the fullness of your whole self. They are safe for any stage of life – children and moms love them.

Let’s discover the unique team of plant allies stepping forward to support you now. We will first connect by phone for 30-minutes to explore your healing intentions. Catherine will then journey on your behalf to the shamanic realm to connect with the plant spirit world, as well as your council of guides, and select the flower essences best suited for your healing path. Your custom formula is then blended and bottled in ceremony, sealed with deep energetic potency and loving intention.

Catherine works with Green Tara Flower Essences by Julia Graves, Green Hope Farm Essences, the tree essence line by Woodland Essence, and Sister Spinster’s single essences.

Price does not include your custom blended product, which starts at $25 for 1 fluid ounce, and can be re-ordered at any time.