Flower Essence Consult

From: $200.00

Bach Flower Essence Therapy is a simple, yet profound system of healing that can catalyze deep and lasting personal transformation. It is based on the awareness that certain aspects of our personality, mood and behavior inadvertently block our creative flow and soulful expression.

By working with the subtle, vibrational intelligence of plants, we guide our mental and emotional patterns into resonance and harmony with the highest expression of our soul nature—activating the divine potential of our human character.

Flower essences support us in reconnecting to our inner voice, intuition and guidance, opening up a clearer channel of communication and exchange between our soul and personality. When this communication is restored, we can overcome the internal conflicts that arise when the life of our moods and behaviors is not informed by the vision of our soul, ultimately creating illness and crisis.

Our session entails a thorough evaluation of your present situation, what you would like to work on and the outcomes you are seeking, as well as taking a deeper look at your character and typical response patterns to the challenges you encounter everyday. You will receive a custom essence to work with over the course of a month, at which point you may return for a follow-up session to update the formula based on what has unfolded and transpired for you.

For these formulas, Catherine works with the classic 38 Bach flower remedies made by Healing Herbs Bach Flower Essences in England.

“All true knowledge only comes from within ourselves in silent communication with our Souls.” –Dr. Edward Bach

By Appointment
Monday – Friday, 10AM to 10PM
$200 / 80 min, initial | $100 / 40 min, follow-up
Fee does not include your $20, 1-oz. flower essence formula, which can be re-ordered at any time
Locations available at Union Square, and in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Available as a Remote Session

For duration, enter “2” for 80 minutes – initial appointments, or “1” for 40 minutes – follow-up appointments, then select your preferred date and time. Be sure to include your desired location in the Additional Information box on the Checkout page. Catherine will reply by e-mail shortly.

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