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Catherine is following a deep calling to serve and support moms, couples and families in their experiences of birth and death. The power and beauty of these events has been greatly diminished by our modern modes of healthcare and community, and we often are traversing these sacred passages without the sufficient empowerment and nourishment of spiritual wisdom and insight.

Catherine is available as a spiritual guide and healer at the thresholds you cross, and to be a beacon of spiritual strength at any stage of your motherhood, partnership or family cultivation—whether to consecrate a newly formed partnership; activate spiritual support for your journey to conception; connect with your spirit baby; bless your pregnancy and birth; or support your spiritual reintegration after birth.

We will work together to create a unique offering of healing for your circumstances and situation. Some of the possibilities may include:

• Womb Lineage and Fertility Healing
• Sacred Union Love Activation
• Sacred Bond: Connecting With Your Spirit Baby
• Birth Blessingways
• Perinatal Reiki Healing
• Baby Blessing Ceremony
• Earth Baptism
• Family Spiritual Bond Activation
• Family Reiki Healing
• Birth Integration and Soul Retrieval
• Angel Baby Healing Ceremony
• Family Resolution and Wound Healing
• Coming of Age Ceremony and Vision Quest
• Ancestral Honoring and Intergenerational Healing

Catherine also works with families through the process of death, whether for terminal illness, sudden and tragic loss or for support with aging and preparation for death. She is skilled in the work of “psychopomp” – or tracking the spirit for safe transition to the beyond. She also can connect spiritually with the newly departed in order to offer intuitive counsel and guidance for the family grieving process. Catherine has a wellspring of resources and offerings for our elders seeking to activate spiritual support and inspiration for the journey of dying. She also is available for final rites healing, and alternative end-of-life ceremonies and celebrations.

Wherever you may be in the cycle of life, we will begin with a 30-minute phone call to explore your intentions. Catherine will then journey on your behalf to meet with her spiritual council, along with your guides, to discern how we are destined to work together. In this meeting, she will receive specific instructions from spirit for our unique map of sessions, including bespoke rituals and ceremonies designed especially for you, which can be hosted at Catherine’s practice space, your home or other venue, or a place in nature.

Honoring the magnitude of our birth and death experiences with spiritual awareness and conscious connection bestows the bonds of family with lasting resilience and trust, and reverberates powerful healing for all generations past and all generations to come.

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