Aromatherapy Consult

From: $200.00

Botanical aroma is a profound tool for supporting our healing and well-being on all levels. Aroma accesses deep and ancient parts of our brain, and can truly elevate our daily personal care routines from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Through the therapeutic application of essential oils, we can enhance physical comfort and ease, mental and emotional balance and integration, and spiritual awareness and connection.

Holistic aromatherapy looks at the whole person to create a unique, individualized blend of essential oils based on your current situation and needs. Your aromatherapy “synergy” is carefully formulated with typically three to five essential oils that may address physical symptoms, thoughts and moods, energetic and vibrational resonance, or a combination of these.

Our session entails a thorough assessment of your current state of health, general lifestyle, emotional well-being, and medical history, as well as your goals for aromatic support and treatment. We also will review your aromatic preferences and aversions, and determine the best application method for your lifestyle. Examples of products may be: a roll-on anointing oil or solid perfume, body oil, lotion or gel, a spritzer, a salt bath, a salve, or an undiluted formula for compress, steam inhalation or home diffusion.

By Appointment
Monday – Friday, 10AM to 10PM
$200 / 80 min, initial | $100 / 40 min, follow-up
Fee does not include your aromatherapy product, which can range from $25-65, and can be re-ordered at any time
Locations available at Union Square, and in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Available as a Remote Session

For duration, enter “2” for 80 minutes – initial appointments, or “1” for 40 minutes – follow-up appointments, then select your preferred date and time. Be sure to include your desired location in the Additional Information box on the Checkout page. Catherine will reply by e-mail shortly.

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