Herbal Wellness Consult

From: $200.00

Holistic herbalism is a supportive and nourishing system of healing that considers how natural vitality is flowing through you and through all areas of your life—identifying the places where herbs, nutrition, lifestyle choices and personal care can support the innate force of life within you, and help you cultivate physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fortitude for sustained well-being and fulfillment.

The vitalist herbalism approach looks not only at your personal physiology, but also at diet, sleep, activity, connection with nature, social and spiritual connection, relationships, your inner life and your sense of purpose. By supporting all of these life processes, within and without, you activate a natural momentum of vitality in your life and open to your full evolutionary potential.

Our session entails a thorough evaluation of your personal and family health history, major life events, past treatments, current symptoms and conditions, daily routines, work life and living situation, relationships, and your personal intentions for healing and well-being. You will receive a holistic health plan that may include recommendations for herbs, flower essences, supplements, nutrition, lifestyle support, and personal care. Monthly follow-ups are recommended, or bi-weekly for acute situations.

By Appointment
Monday – Friday, 10AM to 10PM
$200 / 80 min, initial | $100 / 40 min, follow-up
Locations available at Union Square, and in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Available as a Remote Session

For duration, enter “2” for 80 minutes – initial appointments, or “1” for 40 minutes – follow-up appointments, then select your preferred date and time. Be sure to include your desired location in the Additional Information box on the Checkout page. Catherine will reply by e-mail shortly.

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