Rooting & Resting: Winter Plant Medicine and Identification


Winter is a time when the roots of all living things nestle and retreat closer to the Earth to find warmth and conserve their nutrients. We, too, retreat indoors and deep within ourselves. These months are a special time for receiving teachings through root work with help from plant medicine and rituals that encourage grounding and centering, restorative sleep and inspired dreaming.

In this workshop, we will focus on different ways to root and ground, balance our Earth element, and conserve our energy through the use of plant allies, while also learning how to identify these plants and roots.

Together we will drink elixirs and tinctures, and burn sacred herbs that can be incorporated in Winter self care practices, sleep preparation and tapping into the realm of intuition and spirit. You also will go home with a special handout and plant coloring pages from Common Knowledge.

Winter teaches us how to store energy, stay balanced, boost our immune system, and tap into our subconscious to reveal our deepest dreams and desires. Join us, together with our plant allies, to discover and delight in the sweet, slow unfolding of Winter!


Alyssa is a Brooklyn-based artist who uses her artistic practice to speak about environmental issues and propagate conversations around food and health justice. She believes that sharing plant knowledge provides us with the best antidote for bringing balance to our mental, physical and spiritual selves. She is founder of Common Knowledge – a project that promotes wild edible and medicinal plant education through a visual vocabulary of plant illustrations accessed through interactive and participatory learning tools. Common Knowledge advocates for an increased awareness of our natural environment while promoting the idea that plant knowledge should exist as common knowledge.


Jacqueline is a designer and creative healer who lives and works in Brooklyn. A California native, she is currently an apprentice at the Gaia School of Healing in Topanga Canyon, CA.Practicing the Wise Woman Way of healing through plant medicine, ritual and food, she believes tapping into the rhythms of the Earth and listening to your intuition is the key to wellness. Utilizing her unique design aesthetic and DIY philosophy, she has conjured As Above Herbals, a plant medicine line that feeds and integrates the mind, body and spirit.

Thursday, February 16, 7-9pm