Sacred Bond



In this intimate, experiential workshop, we will create a safe and loving space for expecting mothers to explore the physical and spiritual dimensions of pregnancy. By fostering deep, physical connection to the womb space, we develop an expanded awareness of the true transformation of pregnancy on all levels, and learn to cultivate meaningful connection and attunement with our child in utero.

Together in sacred circle, we will learn about the physical changes in the womb space during pregnancy, and how we can support the long-term strength and integrity of the pelvic floor. We will then dive deeper, through guided meditation, to travel into the womb space to meet and lovingly speak with your child. From there, we will journey to connect with the spiritual presence of your baby, and discover how your baby is communicating with you spiritually—finding answers to why your baby chose you as a mother, if you’ve known each other before, how you can support your baby in pregnancy and birth, and what you can expect to learn from one another in your life together.

You will go home with new skills you can practice daily to deepen your physical and spiritual experience of pregnancy—setting a powerful foundation for bonding and attachment with your beloved newborn, and empowering you to step into the sacred role of motherhood with deep awareness, compassion and wisdom.

This workshop is open to expecting mothers during their second and third trimester. Bring a journal and pen, and any personal, sacred item you’d like to place on the altar, like a special piece of jewelry, your ultrasound photo, a keepsake for the nursery, a crystal or stone. You are most welcome to bring your own water bottle and snacks, and anything else that will bring you comfort.



Catherine Foley is a Reiki Master and intuitive empath with a special interest in helping women heal their womb lineage and open to the spiritual dimension of conception and motherhood. Stories of painful or traumatic birth and early bonding experiences can be carried in the womb space through the generations, and in her private healing practice, she uses energy medicine and shamanic practices to support women in uncovering and releasing these stories—initiating a profound process of healing up and down the family line, and helping to overcome any difficulties in conception and pregnancy. Catherine believes healthy attachment between mother and baby begins in the womb, and by bringing our loving awareness and spiritual attunement to this sacred bond, we can initiate a tidal change of healing for all humanity.



With an extensive physical therapy background Rachel has spent the past 7 years focusing her treatment on supporting women during pregnancy and in the post-partum period, as well as treating men and women who experience pain or dysfunction related to the pelvic floor. Combining hands-on techniques, soft-tissue mobilization and targeted exercise, Rachel works with her clients to create individualized treatment programs to treat a wide range of conditions including pelvic pain and dysfunction, incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, sexual pain, mastitis and pain during pregnancy. Rachel is deeply passionate about providing support to new (and not so new) moms, empowering them to reconnect with their physical bodies. By incorporating integrative techniques and breath work Rachel helps her clients to decrease their stress, providing a space for relaxation and healing. It is through her own experience as a mom that she has solidified this passion and dedication to women’s health.



Saturday, March 24, 2018
Shift Integrative Medicine
95 University Place, Union Square