Plant Spirit Healing

From: $225.00

Through a direct relationship with the vital spirit of plants, their unique healing essence and earth wisdom are utilized to restore and support balance and well-being on all levels. These sessions bring us into the unseen realms of plants and trees, and allow us to connect to the powerful, spiritual sentience and cosmic intelligence of the plant kingdom.

These sessions begin with a selection of a plant divination card, and a meditation with a live plant to open our innate, somatic connection to the plant world. We will then move to the treatment table and connect spiritually with plants to guide us in chakra balancing, ancestral healing, past life healing, soul contract healing, energetic alignment, transmuting energy blocks, retrieving your plant spirit guide and more.

A Plant Spirit Healing session will open your eyes to a whole new way of understanding the natural world all around you, bringing you to a deep level of earthly integration and connection. You will be reminded of your intrinsic belonging on this Earth, and awaken to the many ways plants and trees are subtly engaging with you every day to support your healing on all levels.

By Appointment
Monday – Friday, 10AM to 10PM
$225 / 90 min | $300 / 2 hours
Locations available at Union Square, and in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Home visits start at $375
Available as a Remote Session

For duration, enter “3” for 90 minutes or “4” for two hours, then select your preferred date and time. Be sure to include your desired location in the Additional Information box on the Checkout page. Catherine will reply by e-mail shortly.

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