Listening Within


“I just have a feeling…” How many times have we thought this, but then pushed away our intuition in order to listen to our minds instead? Many of us have been taught that our feelings aren’t as valuable as our thinking minds. Our feelings can tell us so much about our lives, if we can learn to listen to what they are saying.

Through meditation and visualization, as well as some energy work, this class will help you learn to listen to your intuition and what it’s saying, and how to tell the difference between fear and intuition. You will begin to learn what your body and feelings are telling you, so you can move through the world with trust and openness!


Jennifer Dopierala has been a healer since 2008 and is the founder of Finding the Heart of the Warrior. Through her work, she helps people let go of limiting beliefs and energetic blocks. This helps them move—physically, emotionally and spiritually—with freedom and ease in their lives, while learning to love themselves just as they are. Also a meditation instructor and former teacher with a Master’s in Education, she has a depth of experience in creating an open space of compassion and listening.

Wednesday, June 8, 7-9pm