Introduction to Reiki


What is Reiki and how does energy healing work? What can Reiki help with? What does Reiki feel like during a session? How does one become a Reiki practitioner?

Learn about the Japanese art of Reiki energy healing, and get all your questions answered in this lecture and experiential-based introductory class with Reiki Master Corinne Feinberg who will return to Help Your Self March 18 for a weekend Reiki I training – save the date!

Corinne will explain what Reiki is, how it works to heal physical, mental and emotional symptoms, and what to expect during a Reiki session.

She will share her experience using Reiki to support healing around chronic illnesses such as Lyme Disease and cancer, emotional traumas including abuse and loss, mental blocks regarding patterned fears, depression, stress and anxiety, and spiritual development like enhancing intuitive and psychic abilities.

A brief overview of the chakra system of the body will support the understanding of Reiki and how this healing modality can balance and clear energy centers.

Information about becoming a Reiki practitioner and what is involved in each level of Reiki training will be covered, as well as how you can use Reiki for self treatments.

The evening will conclude with a demonstration of a Reiki session for attendees to experience the effect of energy work.

By attending this class, you will gain:
• An understanding of Reiki energy healing and what happens during a session
• What ailments Reiki can heal and how
• How Reiki works with the chakra system of the body
• How Reiki strengthens spiritual connection and enhances intuitive abilities
• What happens during Reiki training and what it means to become a Reiki Master
• How to use Reiki for self treatments
• Experience a Reiki demonstration

ABOUT Corinne feinberg
Corinne Feinberg of Pathlight Healing is a certified Reiki Master and Teacher in the tradition of Usui/Holy Fire Reiki® and Karuna Holy Fire Reiki®, an herbalist trained in the Wise Women tradition of plant spirit medicine, a Kripalu-certified yoga teacher & a crystal bowl sound healer. Corinne’s passion for the healing arts began by seeking alternative modalities to support her own journey through Chronic Lyme Disease. It was the gift of Reiki energy healing that lead Corinne to experience freedom from her symptoms and ultimately healed her from the disease. Since then, she has found her passion in offering the gift of alternative healing methods to support those who are open, ready and willing to move through a deep healing process. She has been featured in Reiki News Magazine’s Fall 2013 issue for her work with Reiki for Lyme Disease, as well as on the wellness site Mind Body Green. Corinne lives year-round in the nature-rich state of Vermont, and travels monthly to neighboring states in the northeast to offer workshops, Reiki trainings and healing sessions.

introduction to reiki
Sunday, February 12, 6-7:30pm