Introduction to Ayurveda & Aromatherapy


Ayurveda is the Sanskrit word that literally translates to the science of life. “Ayur” means life or longevity and “Veda” means knowledge or wisdom. Ayurveda views health as much more than the absence of disease. Recognizing that human beings are an inseparable part of the cosmic whole, Ayurveda reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our inner and outer environment of body, mind and spirit.

Aromatherapy in Ayurveda is used to protect ones life force, deflect disease and promote a sense of peace and well being on the mental, physical and spiritual plane. Essential oils are crystalline structures that carry light.They travel through the space between our cells where molecules of emotion also travel. In this way they’re able to work on deep levels to bring healing and therapeutic benefits.

Please join us to discover more about these two ancient sciences. Learn about your Dosha, how to select essential oils to balance your Dosha and the safety, quality and application of essential oils.


Aroma Veda was born out of love and a deep desire to empower, educate, heal, coach, and create a line of products together that help support one’s journey toward optimal health on all levels.

Naomi and Valdet have been friends for nearly a decade. After years of commitment and dedication to their personal paths, a simple conversation about how they could combine all their knowledge, wisdom, experiences, and modalities in order to have the most impact for their clients led to their most important collaboration yet, Aroma Veda.

Having both studied in the same place in India, upon returning to New York, they dove deep into their passions. Naomi progressed into Yoga teaching and Aromatherapy. Valdet became passionate about Ayurvedic healing, coaching and creating an Ayurvedic skin care line.

In the last few years of seeing and sharing clients, it became clear that what they benefited from the most was a complete holistic approach. This would include diet, lifestyle and various body therapies to fully address and heal certain health issues they were struggling with.

Our intention is to empower and educate people on these ancient holistic sciences in order to bring them back to a harmonious state of health and well-being.

Wednesday, October 26, 7-9pm