In The Elements: Planes of Experience


A four-part integrative, monthly series exploring our connection to the Elements. Join us for all four and save, or see links to individual classes below.

Wednesdays, March 22, April 19, May 24, and Thursday, June 22
$160 series / $45 individual class

Earth. Air. Water. Fire. These four Elements represent four planes of experience – four specific ways of engaging with the world. Through Yoga, Astrology and Tarot, this integrative, monthly workshop series will immerse you in each Element while exploring your personal connection to it.

When we open ourselves to experience and connect with each Element, we are offered new perspective and can appreciate the powerful differences of each elemental plane. The Elements help us see beyond ourselves toward an interconnected whole; as we travel between the planes and experience the world differently, our consciousness expands, and we are graced with compassion and acceptance.

Meditation, Breath practices and Yoga postures will be used to explore each Element with playfulness and curiosity. In these exercises, you will learn ways to physically and energetically align yourself with each elemental plane.

You also will learn how to engage with the Elements through Astrology and your birth chart. We will explore the Elements you are uniquely aligned with – the Elements that dominate your experience; and shape your perspective and the way you relate to others.

We then dive into the art of Tarot to further deepen our experience of the Elements. You will be guided toward an intuitive understanding of the role the Elements currently play in your life by drawing a card for each Element from the corresponding Tarot suit.

Come ready to take your body, mind and spirit on a multidimensional journey through the elemental planes, and leave with a greater understanding of the Elements in Yoga, Astrology and Tarot; and how the Elements shape who we are, how we live, and how we connect to each other.


Wednesday, March 22, 7-9pm

As the sun enters Aries, we move into Fire: the plane of action, the Tarot suit of Wands, and the Astrological signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. Through Fire, we experience strength, willfulness, excitement, adventure, creation and destruction. Fire needs freedom to combust and spread; only then can Fire benefit from its incredible power to manifest ideas. With this creative power, also comes the power to destroy – often unintentionally. In this candlelit, experiential workshop, you’ll explore the many dimensions of Fire’s strength and power, while also learning how to harness this fiery Element toward your goals.


Wednesday, April 19, 7-9pm

As the sun enters Taurus, we dig into Earth: the plane of matter, the Tarot suit of Pentacles, and the Astrological signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn. Through Earth, we are firmly rooted in the material world via our physical senses. The Earth Element has the power of stability, patience and discipline; grounding us to the here and now. In Earth, we also face the limitations of our physicality, giving us an appreciation for realities beyond physical form. In this workshop, we harness Earth’s power of stillness to connect deeply with your physical body, encouraging presence and self-discipline. You also will learn how to use other Elements to balance and invigorate the experience of Earth.


Wednesday, May 24, 7-9pm

As the sun enters Gemini, we float into Air: the plane of consciousness, the Tarot suit of Swords, and the Astrological signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Air is the Element that tells us we are here. It is conscious thought, giving it incredible powers of objectivity and reasoning. Air also is breath, which is one of the most powerful tools for harmonizing our experience in each moment; allowing us to embody compassionate detachment. In this workshop, you’ll experience the juxtapositions of the Air Element, and learn how it can be used to both anchor you to your present experience, and support you in non-attachment.


Thursday, June 22, 7-9pm

As the sun enters Cancer, we dive into Water: the plane of emotions, the Tarot suit of Cups, and the signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. Through Water, we experience ourselves beyond our physical body, allowing for direct intuitive knowing and sensations of interconnectedness. The hypersensitivity of the Water Element empowers it with increased empathy and psychic abilities. The Element of Water also is the experience of emotional overwhelm; of water freezing into ice. In this workshop, you will tune into the intricate sensitivity of the Water Element. You will learn how to tap into its transformative powers for expanding consciousness; and how you can cope with the deep waters of emotional paralysis.




Virginia emphasizes discovery through experience rather than teaching through telling. Her background in human evolution, philosophy and dance led her to explore increasingly mysterious ideas, and she founded Fleeting Connections to help guide others as they embrace their own curiosity. Her practice uses yoga, Reiki, tarot, astrology and storytelling as tools to shift perspectives of reality and guide people toward a greater understanding of their own truth.


Wednesdays, March 22, April 19, May 24, and Thursday, June 22
$160 series / $45 individual class

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