Flower Essences for Challenging Times: Support for the Evolving Soul


In order to meet the demands of our times and to thrive, it is sometimes necessary to access deeper support from the plant kingdom. Flower essences are a gentle and effective vibrational plant medicine specifically concerned with our evolution, and are available for the unique challenges facing the Collective and Planet right now.

Flower essences are created from plant blossoms placed in water and charged in the energies of the sun, moon or the stars, and then preserved in a small amount of brandy. They are different from essential oils and herbal tinctures as they contain no physical plant constituents, and are odorless. The entire signature—or healing essence—of the plant is captured within a flower essence formula. The flower essence remedy is then taken orally, or can be applied directly to the skin. They are safe, non-toxic, and have no side effects.

In this workshop, we will learn how flowers have evolved to help us evolve, the importance of psychic hygiene and grounding, how to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (our “rest and digest” network), and flower remedy rituals to encourage the transition into higher-dimensional, heart-centered consciousness.

Heidi will then lead the group in an experiential flower essence exercise to enhance connection to a remedy, which each participant will take home.

You will leave class with a basic knowledge of flower essences that are best suited to support us right now, and a better understanding of how to apply flower essences towards: potentized personal healing work; deeper levels of peace and presence; practices to thrive in the flow of ascension-related challenges; and rituals that encourage heart-centered consciousness.



Heidi Smith, MA, is a therapist, herbalist and flower essence practitioner. Heidi’s intention is to help people help themselves, and feels the plant kingdom wishes to support us in our journey towards our highest evolution. Heidi holds a master’s degree in mental health counseling from Antioch University New England. She has studied flower essences under Claudia Keel, Patricia Kaminski and David Dalton, as well as Focusing, energetic work, and ancient Egyptian mysticism with healer Jane Bell. She is currently in her third year of the Clinical Herbal Studies program at Arbor Vitae School of Traditional Herbalism. You can read more about her practice here.

Thursday, March 2, 7-8:30pm