Fall Medicine Making


Fall is here! With a crisp chill in the air, our bodies begin to adjust to the changing season. With that comes the need for extra nourishment and some preventative medicine from our plant and herbal allies. Medicine making is an empowering way to engage with plants and herbs found right here in the Western world. Caring for yourself and loved ones can be super fun using a loving and joyful approach.

Wise Woman Healing is the ancient tradition of intuitively using plants, herbs and meditative ritual in aiding the body to greater health and wholeness. Many cultures throughout the world have used community, kitchen witchery and herbal concoctions as a guide to nourishing our system.

We will learn the use and benefits of our native herbal allies through tasting tinctures, teas and infusions. These include nourishing herbs and adaptogens that stabilize and boost our immune systems for prevention and self care. Along with drinking ceremonially together, we will be creating a medicinal cough syrup and an herbal steam. Medicine making is a beautiful, accessible practice that will leave you feeling connected to yourself, the earth and radiant with good health.Ayurveda is the Sanskrit word that literally translates to the science of life.


Jacqueline is a designer and creative healer who lives and works in Brooklyn.  A California native, she is currently an apprentice at the Gaia School of Healing in Topanga Canyon, CA. Practicing the Wise Woman Way of healing through plant medicine, ritual and food, she believes tapping into the rhythms of the Earth and listening to your intuition is the key to wellness. Utilizing her unique design aesthetic and DIY philosophy, she has conjured As Above Herbals, a plant medicine line that feeds and integrates the mind, body and spirit.


FALL MEdicine making
Thursday, November 17, 7-9pm