Big Time ~ Embodying Moon Manifestation


What do you REALLY want? What would your body FEEL like in the FULL manifestation of your desire?

In this workshop, we will use the power of the moon to set and identify intentions. We will learn to harness the power of the moon for manifestation into the physicality of our bodies. Using somatic exercises, writing and the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah Deck as tools for more humor and creativity in our lives, we will tap into our innate ability to manifest. Unstuck our ruts! Walk with integrity! And bring about full-bodied manifestation! Get ready to RrrAWR people.

Come with a desire to manifest what you truly long for, and leave empowered with new tools to continue the work.

This is a transformational workshop.

Please bring a journal, a pen and an item that represents the power of your manifestation to place on the altar.


Rebekah Erev is a queer, Jewish, Hebrew Priestess and feminist artist who works in object-making, ritual, performance and the written word. She holds a Master in Teaching and has over sixteen years of teaching experience. She currently makes her home in the Bay Area and is enrolled in a DIY MFA program that meets in libraries.

Erev self-published the Moon Angel / Malakh Halevanah deck and book—a modern-day Jewish tool, born of her interest in providing creative resources to shift cultural healing towards the expression of liberation in all its complexities. She officiates life cycle events, offers spiritual counseling and public ritual. In 2013, she was ordained through the Kohenet Institute as a Hebrew Priestess.

Thursday, August 11, 7-9pm