Curious Mind, Comfortable Body


Each day of your life is shaped by a series of choices, large and small. Some choices are almost automatic, like which foot steps first. We rarely examine our everyday habits as long as we get from point A to point B, and we sometimes lose sight of the variety of options that nurture our well-being.

In this somatic movement workshop, we will create a playful, relaxed environment to take refuge from the city rush. We will begin with a warm-up that both unifies us as a supportive group, and differentiates us as independent individuals. Class will be spent lying comfortably on the floor, guided by clear directions and insightful imagery. You will be introduced to simple, easy movement, which will reveal layers of subtle sensation and a deeply calm state. As you listen to yourself with compassionate attention, you will practice moving pleasurably, abandoning discomfort, and giving radical self-care by resting frequently. Leave with heightened body awareness and greater autonomy to move without inhibition or pain. Please wear comfortable clothing. No experience is necessary!


A. Alena is a Greenpoint-based writer, dancer and visual artist. As a certified teacher of the Feldenkrais method, a system of somatic education with roots in scientific inquiry and spiritual martial arts, she believes that all people are entitled to tools for self-guided growth. In her work, she strives for aesthetic rigor, deep embodiment and compassionate autonomy within conscious community.

Sunday, May 15, 3-5pm