Holistic Wellness Guidance


Forging a path of wellness and healing is a powerful act of self commitment. Whether you’ve received a new medical diagnosis, have not been feeling in your best health lately, have mysterious symptoms that doctors can’t figure out or are just following your instincts to make some significant lifestyle changes, a holistic approach can augment your health journey with the empowerment and awareness you need to support deep transformation from the inside out.

Holistic wellness looks beyond the compartmentalized, biomedical model of health, and considers the whole picture of you and the landscape of your life. Holistic wellness understands the interconnectedness of our thoughts, emotions, relationships, lifestyle, diet, spiritual life, life experiences and intergenerational history—and how they may interplay with neurobiological, physiological, immunological and epigenetic processes in our body, impacting our overall experience of health.

These sessions are a place to begin for insight, resources and support on how you might incorporate wellness and healing in your life for greater well-being and resilience. We will review your health concerns and consider meaningful and realistic ways you can begin to integrate holistic wellness practices in your everyday life. You also will receive intuitive guidance on what modalities and approaches may be the most supportive for you at this time.

By Appointment
Monday – Friday, 10AM to 10PM
$100 / 40 min
Locations available at Union Square, and in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Available as a Remote Session

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