Full Moon Craniosacral Mini Sessions

The Full Moon in Virgo marks the final completion of Eclipse season, and we now step firmly forward with a grounded sense of empowerment from all the ways we have grown. The energy of Virgo helps fine tune what we have been processing in the past seven weeks, and guides us in finding closure and embracing the new. To prepare you for the transition, Help Your Self practitioner Eva Perrotta offers 30-minute Craniosacral Therapy Mini Sessions to support your body in integrating and embracing your new sense of self and your new directions.

With a gentle and subtle touch, Eva connects with the Craniosacral rhythm of your body and follows its wisdom to accompany you through profound readjustments. Creating a safe space of stillness and relaxation allows the body to release tension and heal. Craniosacral Therapy can help you access the depths of your nervous system, the fluid rivers of your body, the connectedness of your tissues and the wisdom of your bones.

Virgo connects us to our earth, our body and our ability to heal ourselves. Her sense of detail and precision can help us sort things out with great clarity and fairness. Where does Virgo lay on your personal chart? The Full Moon in Virgo is illuminating that part of you and offering a space to create clear intentions for transformation.




Eva Perrotta, who serves the Help Your Self community on Thursdays, is a Shiatsu and Craniosacral practitioner dedicated to reconnecting you to yourself. With a gentle, noninvasive, hands-on approach, she listens to the needs of the body’s tissues and guides them in their natural movement toward healing. In her practice, Eva creates a safe and sacred space for exploration and dialogue with the body and its deep wisdom. Eva is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist. She has studied at the School of Body Mind Centering®, the Swedish Institute College of Health and Science, The Upledger Institute and The Barral Institute. She is currently studying a visionary approach to CranioSacral work at the Milne Institute. Eva also has studied extensively the energetics of the Chakras and clairvoyant work with Susan Feinbloom.

Saturday, March 11, 1-5pm

Artwork © Meganne Forbes.

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