Eclipse Season Tarot Mini Readings

Are you ready for back-to-back eclipses? With a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on February 10th and a Solar Eclipse on February 26th, the first Eclipse season of 2017 is here. Eclipses can shake us in unforeseen ways, often completely shifting our expectations and leaving us grasping for clarity.

On February 18th, as the sun moves into Pisces and amplifies our connection to our intuition and the immaterial plane, Virginia Mason will offer 30-minute mini tarot readings designed to guide you through this transformative time.

These five-card readings reframe your current circumstances through time and mind by exploring influences in your past, present, and future, as well as your conscious and subconscious. As always, there are no good or bad cards. The cards simply show you what you need to see. Come take a look to clarify your perspective and direct you toward actively choosing your next step.


Virginia emphasizes discovery through experience rather than teaching through telling. Her background in human evolution, philosophy and dance led her to explore increasingly mysterious ideas, and she founded Fleeting Connections to help guide others as they embrace their own curiosity. Her practice uses yoga, Reiki, tarot, astrology and storytelling as tools to shift perspectives of reality and guide people toward a greater understanding of their own truth.

Saturday, February 18, 1-5pm

Please review our cancellation policy before booking.