In the Spirit of Your Wellbeing

The Help Your Self store – once a brick and mortar on Java Street in Greenpoint – is now a traveling pop-up.









Our store features a fine selection of products, tools and supplies for well-being, with an emphasis on small-batch, handcrafted goods made with care by healing artisans in the United States. We offer all the little things that make up the whole of wellness – the ritual of incense, the comfort of anointing oils, the refreshment of a botanical spray, the deep nourishment of plant medicine, the guiding light of a candle, the illumination of a tarot deck. We’re here to help you—Help Your Self.



If you are interested in hosting our Store at your space or event, get in touch. We welcome creativity and collaboration.


Conscious Sourcing

We stand with the small batch movement. Help Your Self has gathered a family of wellness brands we believe represent the best in small batch production. We support purveyors who operate within short supply chains and uphold ethical and transparent trade and production standards. Where it applies, all ingredients are organic, unsprayed or ethically wild harvested. When it comes to fragrance, our products contain 100% essential oils without the use of solvent-extracted absolutes and fragrance oils.

“As we all know, nature is life's best healer and we came away from a camping trip feeling not just intact, but also inspired. We wondered how to create that feeling of calm, inner stability and harmony with the outer world while still in the city. Monk Oil came out of that need. Monk Oil was imagined with a blend of ingredients to support the body, the soul, and the spirit.”

Monk Oil

Monika Stanislawek & Katherine Ryan Roth • Brooklyn, NY

“We believe that each of us is whole and perfect all the time, and that wellness comes from awareness. We hope The Fountain Tarot re-connects people, and uncovers a new view or possibility.”

The Fountain Tarot

Jason Gruhl, Andi Todaro & Jonathan Saiz • Denver, CO

“All of our tinctures are handmade seasonally in very small batches, and we work with several different women-owned farms to source our organic plants.”

Homestead Apothecary

Nicholas WeinsteinOakland, CA

“Smoke Perfume is inspired by travel, holistic wellness, Louisiana, and seasonal native herbs.”


Kathleen CurrieNew Orleans, LA