Catherine’s sacred services are the way we honor and behold deep passages of transformation in our lives—the thresholds that resound powerfully through us, from the Earth to the Cosmos, and change us forever. The births and the deaths, the dark nights of the soul and the miracles—these are the moments when we see and understand ourselves beyond time and space; when we experience the infinitude of our love, and our power to endure, to overcome, to prevail—and to transcend.

Honoring the magnitude of our birth and death experiences with spiritual awareness and conscious connection bestows the bonds of family with lasting resilience and trust, and reverberates powerful healing for all generations past and all generations to come.

Humans have a powerful and innate capacity to infuse the spaces and landscapes we inhabit with our energetic resonance. When we step into new spaces and landscapes, it is a time to honor and bless the new beginning, and also a time for neutralizing energetic imprints from the past.

Through life we cross many thresholds—these are transformative passages that change our perspective, shift our direction and often lead us to new levels of personal wisdom and awareness. When we mark these transitions with the power of ceremony and ritual, we seal in their energetic and spiritual significance.

We are on Earth at a time of tremendous evolutionary quickening, and collectively are expanding into new paradigms of being. As part of this process of expansion, we are dismantling and healing subconscious patterns, and our soul lineage in deep and profound ways, which can inadvertently create distress for our egoic mind, and in some cases, lead to spiritual emergency, or psychospiritual crisis.