Spiritual Emergency

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We are on Earth at a time of tremendous evolutionary quickening, and we are collectively expanding into new paradigms of being. As part of this process of expansion, we are dismantling and healing subconscious patterns, and our soul lineage in deep and profound ways, which can inadvertently create distress for our egoic mind, and in some cases, lead to spiritual emergency, or psychospiritual crisis.

Spiritual emergency also can arise out of profound life experiences when our sense of reality and identity is spontaneously shattered, whether in an experience of birth, drugs, spiritual practices, or any number of deeply intense or traumatic situations.

Spiritual emergency is an experience of quantum evolution, when we are stretched far beyond our limitations, when the veils between the conscious and the subconscious come down, and we are unable to process reality in a way that makes sense to our ego and psyche.

Catherine is called to support those who may be experiencing spiritual emergency, to help assist with the complex process of integration and grounding, calling the spirit back into the body and transmuting fear. Each situation is unique and usually requires a multitude of outside resources and professional support. Catherine can offer spiritual wisdom and healing, as well as herbal wellness and holistic guidance.

We will begin with a 30-minute phone call to explore your intentions. Catherine will then journey on your behalf to meet with her spiritual council, along with your guides, to discern how we are destined to work together. In this meeting, she will receive specific instructions from spirit for our unique map of sessions, which may take place at Catherine’s practice space, or your home or other venue depending on the intensity of the crisis.

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