Space & Land Healing

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Humans have a powerful and innate capacity to infuse the spaces and landscapes we inhabit with our energetic resonance. This is part of our subtle inter-relationship with the forces of life energy that flow through us, through all that we create and through all that is created by the Earth—it is the web of interconnectivity and co-creativity that unifies us as one.

When we step into new spaces and landscapes, it is a time to honor and bless the new beginning, and also a time for neutralizing energetic imprints from the past. A space or land healing is a potent way to clear out the energetic clutter of past inhabitants, both living and dead—and their thoughts, emotions and experiences—and create a clear and pure container of love to harmonize and hold your unique energetic frequency and creative vibration.

Space and land healing also establishes spiritual connection and relationship with the conscious essence of your home, business, office, studio or property, so you are working in partnership to cultivate well-being, abundance and prosperity. These healing ceremonies are especially effective for clearing spaces or landscapes that have endured tragedy and trauma.

We will begin with a 30-minute phone call to explore your intentions. Catherine will then journey on your behalf to meet with her spiritual council, along with your guides and the spirit of your space or landscape, to discern how we are destined to work together. In this meeting, she will receive specific instructions from spirit for a healing ceremony designed especially for you and your space.

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