Sacred Work

WITH molly Burkett

Sacred Work is a collaboration between destiny, karma and your free will. It is a higher calling, a way of serving the greater good by doing what no one else can do: being yourself.

This is a soulful and magical class inspired by Earth-based teachings from the Medicine Woman Tarot, transmissions from the Akasha Records, and an intuitive approach to yogic philosophy and Neo-Pagan healing. Its intention is to help you re-center and come into alignment with your true vision, so you can allow the Sacred to shine through in everything you do.

Lessons include:
• The essential truth of Sacred Work: when values change from material status to spiritual realization
• Answering the call of abundance: elevate your vibration and let go of what’s holding you down
• Balancing surrender with hustle: open to receive and come into harmony with nature’s creative cycle
• Visualization is key: expand your self-perception and liberate yourself from roadblocks
• Let it be easy: release struggle and embrace peace

Our time together will include a wisdom talk, writing and/or meditation exercises, partner work, and a little sprinkle of magic.

All professions and genders welcome! Whether you need clarity around a recent transition, rejuvenation for your current situation, or the oomph needed to make a bold move into your future. It’s time to stop asking permission, get out there and perform your Sacred Work!

Please bring a notebook, pen, and a mental picture of yourself doing what you do best.


ABOUT molly Burkett
Molly Burkett is an intuitive artist and traveling priestess. She leads workshops and offers mentoring, guidance and healing for private clients in NYC and around the world. She is known for her warm and insightful teaching style, able to share heavy philosophies from a light heart. Recent clients include Pratt Institute, Urban Outfitters and The Wild Unknown, and she has been featured in Bedford n Bowery, Huffington Post, Nylon, Teen Vogue, Rookie and more as a trusted voice within the modern healing community.

Sacred Work
Friday, November 18, 7-9pm