Reiki II – June 1-2, 2019


A Two-Day
Initiation in the Japanese Healing Art of Reiki
Level Two

Reiki noun
Rei·​ki |  ˈrā-ˌkē  

A system of touching with the hands based on the belief that such touching by an experienced practitioner produces beneficial effects by strengthening and normalizing certain vital energy fields held to exist within the body.

Japanese, literally, spirit, from rei spirit, soul + ki vital force, mind

Welcome to Reiki – a powerful, hands-on, energetic healing art that enhances natural vitality, activates our innate healing processes and restores harmony on all levels. In this professional training that draws on traditional Japanese Reiki traditions and Western Reiki styles, you will be “attuned” or initiated to the second level of Reiki energy—empowering you to become a Reiki practitioner, and work with the sacred Reiki symbols.

Reiki is an incredible tool for relieving stress, boosting immunity, easing pain, balancing emotions, enhancing creativity, and fostering spiritual awareness and intuition. This Level II training will teach you the many ways to incorporate the Reiki symbols in your healing practice and in your daily life, and also includes supervised hands-on practice.

In Reiki Level II, you will learn:

• The Reiki symbols
• Reiki healing with clients
• Distant Reiki healing
• Space cleansing

You will receive your Level II Certification upon completion of a 15-hour outside practicum.

Prerequisite: Reiki I



Catherine Foley is a Usui Reiki Master Teacher and founder of Help Your Self, her holistic wellness company on a mission to bring authentic and genuine healing experiences and resources to New Yorkers. Catherine was attuned to Reiki Levels I and II with Lisa Levine at Maha Rose in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. She became a Reiki Master with Joanna Yuan Crespo at New York Open Center, where she also completed her Reiki Master Teacher apprenticeship. With formal training in energetic and earth-based spiritual healing, mindfulness and herbal medicine, Catherine is skilled in holding integrated, embodied and compassionate space for deep transformation and healing. Catherine offers Reiki healing at locations around the city, including The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, New York. She is an oracle reader at Otherwild NY and The Alchemist’s Kitchen and Jill Lindsey. In all of her work, Catherine is dedicated to guiding you home to yourself, helping you access your innate ability to heal your life and find the freedom and will to shine your true light in the world.

Catherine’s Reiki Lineage

Mikao Usui
Dr. Chujiro Hayashi
Hawayo Takata
Iris Ishikuro
Arthur Robertson
Samuel Strauss
Margaret Ann Case
Joanna Yuan Crespo
Catherine Liggett Foley


Saturday & Sunday, June 1-2, 2019
10 AM – 5:30 PM
Center for Remembering & Sharing
123 Fourth Avenue, Union Square
There is a $20 materials fee due on the first day of class
Register here for Reiki I and II and save $75
Please e-mail your Reiki I certificate upon registration if it was completed elsewhere

Please review the Training Guidelines