New Moon Reiki Mini Sessions

This New Moon in Aries invites in fresh, fiery energy as we transition into Spring. Often we encounter sluggishness or restlessness this time of year as our bodies wake up and we are feeling the push to move our energy outward in this season of new beginnings. Aries can create a lot of mental activity that may feel overwhelming.

Smooth out the kinks and get your whole being in alignment with the Spring season with a loving Reiki treatment under the power of the New Moon. In this 30-minute session, Catherine will introduce an advanced Reiki technique that gently detoxifies the body and soothes the mind.

Reiki is a loving, harmonizing, vital energy that never harms. Also known as “universal life force energy” or “qi,” it is directed through the hands of the practitioner to support the body’s vital functions, clear toxins and low vibrations, release harmful thoughts and patterns, and replenish and restore the spirit on all levels.



Catherine Foley was first attuned to Reiki in 2014 and is currently pursuing her Usui Reiki Master training with Joanna Crespo. She is continually amazed at the overwhelming love and profound healing that unfolds from the flow of Reiki energy. It has brought a deep peace to her life and she loves to share this healing art with others.



New MOON REIKI Mini Sessions
Sunday, March 26, 12-4pm


Please review our cancellation policy before booking.