Intuitive Aromatherapy Blending

From: $225.00

Joined by the healing presence of aromatic essential oils, we use guided meditation, breathwork, ceremony and journaling to drop into a state of inner peace and wellbeing where we can tap into deep reservoirs of inspiration and creativity. The essential oils that are uniquely poised to support you exactly where you are now will step forward to work with you, and will be used to create your custom aromatherapy blend. You will go home with a two-ounce product, and the recipe of your custom synergy will remain on file so you can replenish whenever needed. This synergy, born out of a deep honor and respect for your unfolding, can open you to your wholeness wherever you are, and support you in living the fullest expression of yourself.

90 minutes. Price does not include custom blended product.

Kindly bring a personal journal or sketchbook to the session.