Help Your Self x Grand Street Healing Project

Help Your Self is popping up for a limited time at Grand Street Healing Project. Discover our trusted collection of small-batch healing remedies and beautiful wellness goods all consciously sourced in the United States.

The Help Your Self store – once a brick and mortar on Java Street in Greenpoint – is now a traveling pop-up. Our store features a fine selection of products, tools and supplies for well-being, with an emphasis on small-batch, handcrafted goods made with care by healing artisans in the United States. We offer all the little things that make up the whole of wellness – the ritual of incense, the comfort of anointing oils, the refreshment of a botanical spray, the deep nourishment of plant medicine, the guiding light of a candle, the illumination of a tarot deck. We’re here to help you—Help Your Self.

A Note on Sourcing:
We stand with the small batch movement. Help Your Self has gathered a family of wellness brands we believe represent the best in small batch production. We support purveyors who operate within short supply chains and uphold ethical and transparent trade and production standards. Where it applies, all ingredients are organic, unsprayed or ethically wild harvested. When it comes to fragrance, our products contain 100% essential oils without the use of solvent-extracted absolutes and fragrance oils.


Catherine Foley had a vision of Help Your Self during an acupuncture session in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2014. She saw that she would open a “general store for the spirit,” and she received the name right then and there. From that moment, she made the changes in her life to allow the business to come to life. Help Your Self – originally a holistic wellness store and healing center on Java Street in Greenpoint –  is now the showcase for Catherine’s healing practice, teaching, events, writing, consulting, and product formulation. Catherine is especially passionate about creating strategic alliances, partnerships and collaborations to advocate and elevate nutritional, botanical and spiritual healing, personal care and well-being. Catherine believes we can forge new global health paradigms through conscious leadership, intergenerational healing and environmental stewardship.


November 1 – December 30, 2018
Thursdays 12 – 7
Most Weekends in December
By Appointment ([email protected])
Select Times Listed At:
Grand Street Healing Project
105 Grand Street, Williamsburg