Our Company

Wellness is quite an ordinary thing. It doesn’t have to be relegated to a once-a-year retreat, a total esoteric, guru-centric lifestyle, a hardcore detox, that diet you’re going to go on, or that thing you’re going to quit. Wellness is everyday. It’s exactly where you are right now. You sense and feel the world around you, and know instinctively what you need. Most of it is just a matter of remembering. Wellness is the way we bring ourselves back. Wellness is keeping our hearts open and our bodies alive, no matter what winds and waves knock us down. It’s not giving in to fear, and it’s staying open to trust. It’s the small touches—the gentleness we allow ourselves when we are just being. How do you just be in this world, exactly as you are? How do you tend to yourself? How do honor the truest impulses of your heart? Help Your Self holds that space for you, to remind you that a little forgiveness, acceptance and humor goes a long way. Because who you are right now is kind of like the weather. It’s just what it is. Nothing more. Nothing less. And you are exactly where you need to be.

Our Founder

Catherine Foley had a vision of Help Your Self during an acupuncture session in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, in 2014. She saw that she would open a “general store for the spirit,” and she received the name right then and there. From that moment, she made the changes in her life to allow the business to come to life. She had spent nearly a decade in the hospitality industry and is grateful for the mentorship she received as a manager for one of New York’s greatest farm-to-table restaurant companies. Though in a different vein, she remains steadfast in her commitment to connect the community with quality, healthful products. 


Catherine believes in the way Brooklyn is redefining business, and is the founder of North Brooklyn Women in Business.


Catherine grew up in the suburbs of New York City and calls Greenpoint home. She takes great pride in knowing her Irish ancestors walked the same streets of this great city and are buried in Queens. There’s no place she’d rather be.