Earth healing is the healing we do to align our bodies with the natural rhythm, intelligence and vitality of the Earth. This is rediscovering our partnership with plants, trees and landscapes, which is our birthright. This is the place we remember that we are the Earth, we are nature—and we are always home.


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A flower essence consultation in the tradition of the Dr. Edward Bach Flower Therapy system of healing. Flower essences are vibrational plant remedies that support us in transforming patterns of thought, emotion and personality, so we can live in deep harmony with our true nature. Bach believed 'disease is entirely the result of a conflict between our spiritual and mortal selves.'

An herbal wellness consultation in the vitalist herbalism tradition, bringing you the power of plants and nutrition to support your physical, mental and spiritual health and healing. Through deep listening and a thorough exploration of your health history, we uncover obstacles to your natural vitality, and develop a unique, holistic treatment protocol to support your sustained well-being.

A holistic look at your unique landscape of health and well-being to identify where aromatic plants may support you physically, emotionally and energetically. After a thorough review of your health considerations and intentions, a custom aromatherapy product will be formulated and bottled for you.

A place to begin if you are not sure where to begin on your journey of wellness and healing. Catherine provides guidance and spiritual counsel on how a holistic approach may serve you now, whether for overall lifestyle changes, or for specific circumstances and personal concerns. You will receive heartfelt suggestions for realistic and sustainable steps you can take based on your current ability to commit to a holistic healing process.

A sacred journey of alchemy—intuitive flower essence formulation to support your divine unfolding.

Create your team of self care allies. Catherine formulates custom, high vibrational botanical products using consciously sourced, artisanal and organic ingredients for a wide range of healing needs and intentions to support your everyday well-being.

Through guided meditation, breathwork, sacred ceremony and journaling, we drop into a state of inner peace and expanded awareness to discover the aromatic essential oils uniquely poised to support you exactly where you are now.

The practice of blessing through the anointment of plants is an ancient and sacred ritual for profound healing and peace. This spiritual art is especially transformative at life’s thresholds, whether you are recovering from challenge or celebrating a joyful new beginning.